Why Choose Korte? The #1 Tree Service In Lasalle & Surrounding Area

Family Owned & Operated

Korte Tree Service is a family owned and operated business.  We strive to perfect the art of arboriculture. We are centrally located in LaSalle, IL. and provide professional tree care for the surrounding suburbs including Ottawa, Peru, Streator and Princeton – extend thru LaSalle, Bureau and Kendall Counties.

Serving LaSalle Region For Over 40+ Years

We have served the LaSalle region for over 42 years and we pride ourselves on  efficient, safe and professional knowledge and abilities in preserving the natural environment and the beauty of residential and commercial properties.

Your One Stop Shop For All Of Your Tree Service Needs

Korte’s Tree Service offers tree trimming, full removal or treatment solutions in preserving and enhancing the health of your tree care needs. We can provide you with a solution from basic tree maintenance to a complete stump removal.

24/7 Emergency Services

We also provide emergency services in the event that you need immediate response to any issues that have occurred from storm damage to removal of diseased trees caused by Emerald Ash Borer or Dutch Elm Disease – minimizing the spread to other trees on your property.

We Follow Industry Standards

We adhere to the standard ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) regulations of removing dead wood, water sprouts, and structurally deficient branches for your trimming and pruning needs. We also take great care to preserve the aesthetic value of the tree(s) to provide a healthy tree devoid of scars or potential disease-causing wounds.

Our Services


Trims are necessary when the limbs are in close proximity or actually in contact with a structure or utility lines. Removal of damaged, diseased, and dead limbs will significantly contribute to the health and structure of the tree.

It is also proactive by preventing potential damage should one fall. Trims are also prudent when an increase in the amount of sunlight reaching the ground is desired or to clean out undesired and hazardous deadwood and restore a natural symmetry to the tree. Occasionally a branch will break but remain hung up in the tree; we’ll come remove it solely and safely.

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Tree Removal

Removals are recommended for trees in decline and those severely damaged by wind, lightning, or pests. (Please see our Tree Diseases page for explanations and images of common tree maladies in the area).

Another reason for removal may be for the aesthetic value of improving the particular use of your property. Of course a brush pile that needs to go is something else we can accommodate. A visit from a professional will help you determine the best course of action for your treescape.

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Stump Grinding

We offer options for stump grinding after a tree has been removed, including hauling the chips away or leaving them in place for the property owner to use for landscaping purposes. There are limitations, though; some stumps are too close to objects that prevent any stump grinding for safe removal or damage to property.

At Korte’sTree Service, we will assess and discuss the most economical approach for the removal of the tree stump and make recommendations on the best course of action.

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Commercial Tree Service

We also welcome the opportunity to work with commercial property owners for trims, removals, and even lot clearing, depending on your needs. We work with many contractors and private companies, churches and synagogues, property management companies, local and federal governments. We work to manage and maintain these properties for long term goals or short term needs.

We are fully licensed and insured. We try our best to minimize damage to the work area. We can also use a bucket truck for especially technical or sensitive requirements and to further minimize the impact. Another vehicle often used is a Swinger, which is specially designed to minimize turf damage while providing efficiency for major projects in tight spaces.


Our goal is to maintain the highest standards in the industry and provide our customers with the best professional service in our area. We encourage our customers, whether current or potential, to come to us with questions or concerns about their trees. Our hotline is always open in case of emergency, and our team is ready at all times to professionally deal with any situation.

Trees can be an incredible asset to any property, and tree maintenance is our business. Professional guidance can preserve our customer’s environment as well as provide an enjoyable and healthy atmosphere